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JustaBill martinson2005 at netscape.net
Fri Jul 20 11:38:50 MST 2012

"barbanera" wrote:
> Why not tell me that clearly from the start?

I think they did.

Anyway, the whole problem here is not that shortcut keys are displayed,
it's that they are not presented well.  They are jammed right up to the
end of the command name without any separation other than a space. 
Ideally they should all be right-justified against the right edge of the
popup menu, or at least spaced over farther or preceded by some kind of
punctuation.  To me the context menus in Vassal look very "unfinished,"
and I end up putting an ellipsis (...) at the end of all my command
names to make the more readable.  (Which of course is quite tedious,
especially when using sub-menus.)

And I will agree with everyone else: if you change all of your key
commands to named commands just to make it impossible for players to use
short-cut keys, you are doing your players a huge disservice.  That is
flat-out poor design, going out of your way to make your game _less
playable_.  Just because you don't use shortcut keys doesn't millions of
others aren't using them.

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