[messages] [Feature Requests] Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Sat Jul 21 08:09:34 MST 2012

> I think they did.

Maybe.. but wish you would point me out where.

Anyway.. again, I must repeat myself: the designer is the best placed,
imho, to decide how his module should be played. After all we do this
for free, and we are not paid to develop modules for somebody else, are

I am pretty sure in some modules right click commands are very useful. I
can think of situations were you have to do various repetitive
"mindless" repetitive actions on a set of units or cards and then right
click short cuts are surely a big plus.

However, in my modules there is no need for them. More to the point:
they are confusing and nobody would ever need them, as you don't really
do repetitive actions like moving units or something, but just specific
one shot type operations which need you to right click on
cards/miniatures to look at the available options and think about which
one you choose. Nothing repetitive you can really bypass by using short

Therefore, I am happy there is now a way to avoid showing them, even
though it came too late for my major project.

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