[messages] [Module Support] C&C: Ancients problem

derekrledr drlenard at pacificcoast.net
Sat Jul 21 11:11:21 MST 2012

I played my first game of C&C: Ancients on Vassal this morning. I am
running 3.2.0-beta1 (which I loaded to be able to run the latest version
of B17), while my opponent was running 3.1.19. I created the game room
and chose Battle of Akragas because neither of us had played the board
game in quite some time. I chose to play Player 2 and my friend
successfully synched as Player 1. He played the Syracusan side and his
first turn behaved as expected. However, when I dragged and dropped my
played card onto the board, my opponent could not see it. Throughout the
game... I tried flipping it in my hand... flipping it on the mapboard...
but nothing allowed him to see the card until either one of us dragged
it onto the discard pile. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?
Thanks, Derek

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