[messages] [Module Support] C&C: Ancients problem

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Sun Jul 22 02:01:28 MST 2012


You both need to be running the same version of Vassal, either both 
running 3.1.19 or both running 3.2.0-beta1.


On 22/07/2012 4:27 PM, derekrledr wrote:
> Hi Brent, Thanks for your prompt response. However, it cause me to
> realize that I was a bit vague in my first post... and that I am dealing
> with an unfortunate coincidence. My friend just downloaded the latest
> official versions on the Vassal website... which would be v 3.2 of
> Command & Colors: Ancients and v 3.1.19 of the Vassal platform. I was
> running v 3.2 of C&C:Ancients and 3.2.0-beta1 of the Vassal platform. We
> were both running the same version of C&C:Ancients... and I suspect that
> if there is a problem... I should go back to the official version of
> Vassal.
> Derek

Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney
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