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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Sun Jul 22 13:01:39 MST 2012

No, mate, of course I know about that trick but you had it right the
first time. I am saying I want players to right click (since in Vassal
that's you are supposed to do most things) and pick the option from a
menu. No short cuts.

I am saying, in my module, that's more elegant than showing short cuts
as well, because you are never really routinely making the same choices.
Short cuts, imho, are great if you always repeat the same thing so many
times you get bored using the mouse, not less routine operations.

Heck, I use myself CTRL-C / CTRL-V when I want to cut and paste in
Windows and that's great, sure.

However, when I want to save a document with a different name, choose a
font from a list, display mail merge operations or whatever similar less
customary operation; I use the mouse. Are you telling me you had rather
have a list of combo keys for all possible fonts and fonts sizes in
Word, say? Ridicolous, unaesthetic and unnecessary, imho.

In truth that's not a fair example, because I am not saying that in my
case there are so many options (like so many fonts) to choose from.
However, as said at the beginning, the problem is in my module right
click commands on pieces are not completely predictable: players are
going to right click on a piece to check the list of available commands
for the given time/phase/turn/action/etc. And once you open up the right
click command menu what are combo keys there for if not to clutter the

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