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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Sun Jul 22 13:29:06 MST 2012

You might be referring to the fact that global hotkeys don't (seem to)
respect the timing in network play. They seem to fire off right away, in
random order or similar lack of manners. Are you?

This is some issue with global hotkeys that we discussed a bit here
months ago with Irishwulf, but that might have been in chat because I
cannot find the thread right now. I think he even filed a bug report
about it. Of course other people, such as yourself, might have discussed
this much earlier and in other threads and filed bug reports relative to

In the case discussed here, it seems just a matter of one command on the
card invoking a return to deck first and the global hotkey to reshuffle
the deck next. As you say: just one global hotkey. Unless this hotkey
insists to fire off before the return to deck happens (which will result
in the triggering card ending up at the top) then it should work. But
probably global hotkeys across network just don't respect any
predictable order among themselves, while respecting other traits.. if I
remember correctly..

Some testing across network needed (no problem in offline mode), I
guess.. But, as a fail safe, one might simply have a trigger firing the
global hotkey after the return to deck is completed and the problem
should go away..? 

In short, just 3 traits on the given card: 
1) return to deck with text like "send to deck and reshuffle", 
2) trigger firing off on the return to deck command invoking the global
hotkey (see below), 
3) global hotkey to invoke the deck reshuffle command.

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