[messages] [Module Design] Slide card image behind card sleeve? (design help)

Goosifer gustav.guldberg at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 18:56:05 MST 2012

Turns out that the issue was 20 inches infront of the screen.

What happens is that the basic piece is always active thus covering
parts of the images in the layers when cycled.
(see image in original post, let's say I move the sleeve right from A-0
to A-1)

How can I get around the this issue? The ugly work around is to have the
basic piece image almost completely transparant with a thin frame to
indicate that it exists.

-Basic Piece (same image as layer 10)
-Layer (20 layers)
-Trigger (cycle layer up)
-Trigger (cycle layer down)
-Does not stack

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