[messages] [Module Design] Text Label in At-Start Stack and impossible selection

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Mon Jul 23 18:27:13 MST 2012


Have had a look at 4600 and I don't believe it is a bug. 

The pop-up menu appeatrrs when Vassal detects that you have
right-clicked on the counter image. Since you are not defining any image
for the counter, it is impossible for Vassal to detect that you have
clicked on the counter. Hence no pop-up menu.

You counters are not 'Invisible' ( a bad term, since in Vassal, it means
a counter turned invisible by the Invisible trait), but are

The way to do what you want is to use a fully transparent image of the
apprropriate size (say 50x50 or 75x75) as the Basic Piece image of your
counter. This will keep the body of the counter from having any visible
image, but when you click on it, you will see get a right-click menu
appear and the shape of the transparent image will be outlined by the
Selection Highlighter.

Bug 4599:

> As a side note - but this might be a known bug not yet fixed even in
> 3.2.0 beta 1 - when you define an image, then remove it again.. you
> are then stuck with the impossibility of defining it yet again. The
> image previously used shows in the pull down menu choice (indeed it's
> there in the Images folder in the module), but selecting it makes no
> difference: the image remains undefined (=invisible piece). I think
> you need at least 2 images in the folder so to actually change the
> default showing in the basic piece trait or it cannot be assigned an
> image ever again. You need to remake the piece from scratch. Two bugs
> in one go?

Can you just confirm that this is a problem if and only if there is just
the one image in the entire module?

The problem lies in the fact the the image only gets selected when the
drop-down list item changes. With only one item, it can never change.

You can always reload the single image by double-clicking on the image
display panel. It doesn't help that the image display panel dissappears
when teh dialog repacks after the image is deselected. You can manually
resize the dialog and double click where the image is usually displayed.

I can see two ways to approach this

1. The quick way is to have the 'Double-click here to add new image'
message re-appear when you deselect the current image by cancelling the
image picker.

2. The longer way is to Add a new '(No Image)' option at the head of the
image list that is displayed when you first create a piece, or when you
deselect the image. Selecting the '(No Image)' option will also deselect
the image.

My initial thoughts where that since this only occurs in the one image
situation, that option 1 was the way to go.

However, given the current non-intuitive method of deselecting an image
(by starting to load an image and then clicking cancel), I'm thinking
that option 2 is probably worth the effort. In fact, both option 1 & 2
together would probablty be best.


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