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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Tue Jul 24 02:18:44 MST 2012

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__Bug 4600: 
yes, I also think option 1 would be best (or both 1 and 2).

__Bug 4599: __

Again, I don't think you have read this thread through and/or maybe my
bug report was not much clear. ;) ;)

The piece we are talking about are not non-existent: they have a text
label defined printing out some actual text. Thus they have some sort of
physical presence. Indeed, as he said in the original post, and I
confirmed in the 2nd post, traits like DELETE do work. They do. If this
is a bug, and they really should be non-existent, I don't know. But
surely it looks more like a feature to me (the fact that a text label
alone gives a "presence" to a piece even without an image defined). 

The bug, instead, is that those other traits like DELETE stop working
when you define a command key to change the text label. Why would the
theoretical possibility of changing the text all of a sudden make the
piece completely non-existent?

Yes, the workaround is to use an actual invisible image, again something
already suggested in the thread (2nd post). :)

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