[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Bug 4302 - Trigger Action/Global Hotkey command order

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Tue Jul 24 17:33:52 MST 2012

> Brent, can I ask that you look at bug 4302 next, when you have a
> chance? Unless somebody else is taken care of this, that is.
> It is a bug related to global hotkeys not respecting order of
> execution (jumping the line) in network play for the remote clients.
> It is very painful to work around, if possible at all. 
> As an example (but this is a relatively painless one) suppose a
> trigger on your units fire an hotkey to move forward the turn counter
> after a moving/action is done on the piece. Then the report trait
> associated with the turn counter will show up first on the remote
> computer, which is rather confusing/ugly:
> Local client: Tank fires on infantry - Turn finished
> Remote client: Turn finished - Tank fires on infantry
> This same example becomes much more painful if you have any extra
> "intelligence" in the module to change state when the turn moves on,
> as it will change it too soon on the remote client.

Ok, the good news is I believe I have been able to get this fixed fairly
easily. This bug is related to 
_Bug 1948 -Single UNDO for any User action_ and I have used the same
functionality I added for Action buttons to apply it to the Trigger

My worry is, as usual,  compatibility. If I fix this, how many modules
will break because their owners have worked either  around this bug, or
are inadvertently using it to their advantage? I'm not really sure
though, since the bug causes different behavior in the two clients, it
has probably been worked around by completely leaving it out.

I have coded the fix so that I can add a '3.1 compatibility' preference
later to force a module to go back to the old behaviour.


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