[messages] [Developers] Local/Global Properties

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Jul 25 14:13:24 MST 2012

Thus spake Brent Easton:
> Have submitted a fix to branch Brent-3.2 at 8216. 
> As Seth found, the identity of the Global property container (module,
> map or zone) was not being encoded when Commands where generated to set
> or change property values. This caused all references to a property in
> different containers to be handled by the first container found,
> effectively making the subsequent same named properties invisible.
> The same fix needs to be applied to the latest 3.1 branch as well.

Merged to 3.1.20-svn8223.

I had to add a missing getParent() method to MutableProperty.Impl.

I've uploaded 3.1.20-svn8224 to the usual place. Please give it a try.


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