[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Bug 4302 - Trigger Action/Global Hotkey command order

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Jul 25 14:42:45 MST 2012

Thus spake Brent Easton:
> Ok, the good news is I believe I have been able to get this fixed fairly
> easily. This bug is related to 
> _Bug 1948 -Single UNDO for any User action_ and I have used the same
> functionality I added for Action buttons to apply it to the Trigger
> Action.
> My worry is, as usual,  compatibility. If I fix this, how many modules
> will break because their owners have worked either  around this bug, or
> are inadvertently using it to their advantage? I'm not really sure
> though, since the bug causes different behavior in the two clients, it
> has probably been worked around by completely leaving it out.
> I have coded the fix so that I can add a '3.1 compatibility' preference
> later to force a module to go back to the old behaviour.

Merged to trunk at 8224.

Please test 3.2.0-svn8224:


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