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doug4knfpu her3 at primeblinds.com
Thu Jul 26 07:42:17 MST 2012

"DrNostromo" wrote:
> You might want to try Vassal 3.2 for your next update. I've been using
> it for my re-build of To Be King and being able to use keywords has
> made such an incredible difference as far as speed of development. I
> no longer have to worry about what key commands I've used and it's so
> much easier to follow the logic of a list of commands in a trigger
> action like:
> Get2D4Roll
> GetMMLoc
> SendFortTileToMap
> GetMMSTiles
> SetTileNameLoc
> DeleteOldTile
> RunTileCheck
> Now I can look at it and see exactly what it's doing rather than
> seeing a list of CTRL's, ALT, SHIFT's, etc.
> Btw, you want a mention of your update in the Vassal news?

I know this is older but is there a list of commands that I can
download? I wanted to print them out and have a hardcopy form. Your help
is greatly appreciated.

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