[messages] [Module Design] BasicName and PieceName in Auto-Report Movements

shilinski stan at hilinski.net
Thu Jul 26 11:33:10 MST 2012

Funny, I just had the same problem. I do not know how basicName works,
so I will let someone else address that one.

The documentation for PieceName is incorrect. It does not show all
traits. What it does show depends.
If the piece is masked, then it shows the mask name that is specified in
the mask trait.
If it has an active layer and a level name that is not a prefix or
suffix, then it substitutes the level name for the piece name, which was
my problem too.

I see two solutions. Either make the level names into prefixes or
suffixes, or delete the level names. Then it appears (if you delete) to
use the PieceName and does not do the substitution. You probably don't
need level names because if you are testing against the level name, you
can test against the level number instead.

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