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yangtze yangtze2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 26 12:47:07 MST 2012

"Tim M" wrote:
> could you give us a picture showing it as well as which module you are
> seeing 
> this in?
> Pic attached. You can see the dot in all the pieces in this group.
> When the piece is first laid on the map and is still selected the dot
> is not there. Once the piece is deselected the dot appears and never
> goes.[1]
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> Subject: [messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Small Grey Dot Dead
> Centre of 
> Pieces
> Hi there
> I'm noticing a small, grey dot which appears in the middle of all of
> the
> game pieces of all of the modules that I run (mainly hexgrid type
> wargames). This may just be an idiosyncrasy of Vassal that we all have
> to live with? Apologies if this issue is know or has been dealt with
> before - I did search 'small grey dot' but nothing came up.
> I'm running a well-specced MacBook Pro 13" with the latest version of
> Vassal.
> I hope someone out there understands what this is.
> Best wishes.
> Don
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