[messages] [Developers] Text labels in 3.2.0: bug or feature?

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Fri Jul 27 04:07:26 MST 2012

Text labels in 3.2.0 seem to behave differently from what they did in
3.1.x. See also this other thread (__text label centering bug__):

Specifically, if I had a single piece in an at-start-stack, containing a
succession of text labels and nothing else (all with default alignment
and offset settings) then in Vassal 3.1.x they would show one above the
other whereas in 3.2.0 they overwrite each other in a single garbled
line of text. 

To bypass the latter problem I guess one has to define offsets. But is
this really a feature, i.e. it was a bug in 3.1.x, or is it a bug in

If possible I would vote to go back to the old behaviour.. as I use such
a long succession of text labels in a single piece to print out
debugging information in some private development window.. Having to
manually tweak and tune each and every offset is a pain in the neck,
generally speaking. Could it be made a checkable option in the text
label trait? Like: use/don't use offsets (the latter being the old "one
above the other" 3.1.x printing style).

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