[messages] [Module Design] Get Player Names in Game Piece Inventory

mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Sat Jul 28 09:29:43 MST 2012

I did something like this in the new Silent Death module, so players
could tell who owned which fighter.

-Assign a Dynamic Property to each piece called Owner. 
-Create a command on the DP to set its value to $playerName$. (Set Value
Directly). You can leave the command name blank, but make sure you set a
keystroke for the command.
-Assign a keystroke to the map ("Key Command to Apply to All Units
Ending Movement On This Map") that matches the keystroke you set for the

Now, any player who drags and drops a piece from the palette to the map
will automatically become its Owner, and stay the owner throughout the
game. Use Owner in the Game Inventory window.

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