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chumpy76 chumpy76 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 05:46:29 MST 2012

I had tried getting ahold of the vassalfow.blogspot.com guy to help him
on his project, but never heard back, and it has been a little while
since his blog has been updated. So, I started work on my own FoW module
(which is heavily indebted to the warhammer40k modules) mainly so that a
forum I frequent could do “play-by-post” games. I have a barebones
setup at the moment, so it is “playable”, but is minimalist, in my

We did just finished a test game on our forum which went well, though. I
had modeled some late-war units to use for that, and and going to start
in on trying to fill out the entire early-war arsenal, based on the
blitzkrieg book. Once I've done that, am happy with the available
terrain elements, and have cleaned it up a little bit, I might release
it officially, but until then it is just playing on an unfinished
I'll be posting updates at  http://vfow.wordpress.com[1]

[1] http://vfow.wordpress.com

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