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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Tue Jul 31 04:55:58 MST 2012

Sorry Brent, but I don't follow..

Are we talking bug 4302 here, the one about global hotkeys in network
play jumping the queue? Why are we talking about Space Empires? Unless
Seth mentioned it relative to this bug, maybe? Sorry, but I don't know
anything about that game/module. Also, not sure which practical
situation Seth was referring to when he originally reported the bug.

My own problems with this bug appear in various circumstances in my own
module __Marvel Heroes__ and they do not concern simple unit movement
reporting. Unfortunately, my module is rather complex and it's no simple
matter to follow the full logic behind it. However, we did some tests
with Seth back then and he agreed I could indeed be hitting bug 4302. 

I wrote some details down below, but if you prefer you can avoid reading
them and just hook up with me on the Vassal server for 10 minutes when
you have a chance and I will show them in action.


Basically in Marvel Heroes they are related to the turn counter (which
itself is probably innocent, though): when a network player initiates
game setup or signals that his turn ended etc etc then the module will
do various operations - setting global properties, moving pieces,
dealing cards, reporting in the log etc etc - and it will then issue a
global hotkey to advance the Turn Counter. In turn, advancing the turn
counter will do various things, like moving a turn tracking piece on the
main map and updating various global properties, such as
__currentPlayer__, with the name of the side whose turn it now is.

However, in the latter case bug 4302 intervenes: initiating the game
setup by one player will update _currentPlayer_ correctly for him but
not for the remote player(s). This is because the global hotkey to
advance the turn counter happens on the remote clients too fast, I
think, and they will not yet know which side was selected to go first in
the game (there is a random playing order setting procedure done by the
module at game start). 

Moreover, bug 4302 is clearly visible by looking at the report action
trait fired by players ending their turn: on the remote client(s) they
will incorrectly appear _after_ the report action trait(s) triggered by
the turn counter itself (as in the "Tank fired - New Turn" vs "New Turn
- Tank fired" mock scenario I imagined).

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