[messages] [Developers] Release candidate for 3.2.0-beta1

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Tue Jul 31 09:43:34 MST 2012

Joel, a few things I noticed that you might want to have fixed before
3.2.0 official release (this was using build 8255, possibly #1 already
in 3.1.x):

1) Trying to start a game in online mode will abort with a unknown type
bug when the server is unreachable (no Internet)

2) Starting a game by mistake in the game lobby (as opposed to opening a
dedicated room first) now correctly gives a warning that it is not the
right place to do it, but the game still starts (at least on the local

3) When a second player enter the room synchronization starts
automatically (nice) but it immediately says "Synchronization complete",
..a) on the "host" computer "sending data to ..." appears somewhat later

..b) but the host never receives a "finished sending data to .." type of
..c) some more time (minutes in MH case) need to go by before the actual
"choose side" prompt finally appears for the remote computer

Therefore, I wonder: what if the host starts moving pieces around before
the sending data actually finishes? Or does synchronization really take
nanoseconds and the slownes mentioned above is just the normal game
starting slowness for bulky modules (like MH)? Will it automatically
resynchronize on the remote computer even if he still has to go through
the side selection prompt?

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