[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Bug 4302 - Trigger Action/Global Hotkey command order

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Tue Jul 31 15:29:48 MST 2012

1) Start new game with computer A. Pick a side, say Avengers (not "solo
play"). It will take a bit for the initial splash screen to pop up (see
first snapshot, MH module page).
2) Join room with computer B and wait for side selection. Join as
another side, say X-Men, and wait for splash screen.
3) Now on computer A click on the "click if ready" button next to
Avengers: should change to "(A's username) is ready"
4) Then on computer B click on the "click if ready" button next to
X-Men: should change to "(B's username) is ready" (and some other
button/cards also become visible). __At this stage you get the Stack
Overflow error for computer B (whereas A will still be there peacefully
waiting for A to check in).__

You could also revert 3 and 4 (checking in first B and then A) and the
same bug will appear (on computer A this time).

No such stack overflow with earlier builds, like 8249 or beta1.

Those check-in buttons are in the Game Board (main map), towards the


Also, if you do the above procedure with 8249, say, you can then
continue by selecting a scenario and clicking "start game". After a
while the splash screen will disappear on both computers and the actual
game board will show up (see 2nd snap shot, MH module page). If computer
A (=Avengers) was the one starting the game and the random selection
gave Avengers the starting position (check game log) you will be able to
do things (for example on the Avengers map right click on the heroes to
see commands like "set ready", "set supporting"). However, if the
starting side was selected to be the X-Men, then computer B (=X-Men)
won't be able to do anything legal (discounting dragging cards from the
decks, which is not supposed to be done) because the __currentPlayer__
variable is not updated correctly for him and I think it's the hotkey
triggering the turn counter jumping the queue.

To check the value of __currentPlayer__ on both computers issue
ALT-SHIFT-D and a "debugging" window will pop up. The last line shows
currentPlayer, among other things.

Thanks for investigating this.

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