[messages] [Developers] Text labels in 3.2.0: bug or feature?

chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 16:39:39 MST 2012

So I encountered a Text Label related bug in svn 8258 just now, it is
probably unrelated to this issue but I'll post here anyway.

I have 2 text labels one is set to position Vertical, Top, Offset 15 x
Horizontal, Right, Offset 4.  The 2nd label appears just underneath it
with the values Vertical, Top, Offset 30 x Horizontal, Right Offset 4. 
So, same Horizontal offset but 15 pixels lower.  In svn8258 that 2nd
text label is drawn about 30 pixels or so to the right of where it is
supposed to be, so it is no longer lined up with the top row.  The
properties for it are identical to before.  

The same module, opened in svn 8221 does not produce this error.

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