[messages] [Developers] VASSAL 3.2.0 tomorrow?

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Sat Nov 3 14:40:02 MST 2012

Mate, I was surprised myself to discover I could use the minus sign,
blank spaces and even round brackets in variable names. Most likely
there are other unexpected characters allowed (presumably all the ASCII

But it was possible under Vassal till 3.2.0, maybe as early as beta 1
(or better build 0001). So much so I went ahead and made extensive use
of them. Not just for the heck of it but because it helped me with the
game logic/automation. For example, I use restrict commands based on
$playerSide$_playing , say, and if $playerSide$ can no longer be X-Men
but something like X_Men... 

Another example: I have zones called like "Upper Manhattan (Support 1)"
and a global property called "Upper Manhattan (Support 1)_free" which
can be true or false. Will that global property stop working in property
expression because it confuses it with an array component? The reason
why I chose that name is because I can use $CurrentZone$_free to check
if a certain zone is free or not. Why did I call zones with such
complicated names? Report actions of course.

Before you consider that (_those_..) a bug, please consider all the
legacy modules which might stop working now, not just the Marvel Heroes

I suggest to first make sure the minus sign was really the culprit (and
not only a spurious problem with the Layer trait introduced by Brent
between beta 1 and 2). If that's the case, then I suggest - kindly
request - fixing the Property Expression "engine" to allow legacy
constructs based on "buggy" variable names.

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