[messages] [Module Design] How to determine the number of players ?

ijam vdup at scarlet.be
Tue Nov 13 13:24:20 MST 2012


I think it is possible to do it with the following assumptions:
1. during the first phase of each turn, each player move at least one
piece on a board and this movement end sent a GKC.
2. after each turn the number of players could change (mom calling,
lunch time, swimming pool, etc.)

The strategy is :

A -initialization of Global Properties at the beginning of each turn :
NbOfPlayer = 0
NamePlayer1 = "" 
NamePlayer2 = ""
NamePlayer3 = ""

B- Trigger to test the GKC
Test = True
If NamePlayer1 == "" && Test== True then 
  NamePlayer1 = $playerName$
  NbOfPlayer = NbOfPlayer +1
 Test = False
end if
If NamePlayer1 == $playerName$ then
 Test = False
end if
If NamePlayer2 == "" && Test== True then 
  NamePlayer2 = $playerName$
  NbOfPlayer = NbOfPlayer +1
 Test = False
end if


What do you think ?


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