[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Save file updater and stacks in 3.2.0 beta 4

chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 13:29:38 MST 2012

Minor problem, probably not worthy of postponing the release of 3.2.0

When using the Save File updater in 3.2.0 beta 4 counters that are in
shuffled stacks do not appear to be shuffled after updating the save
file.  It's as if the pieces were taken out, updated then just placed
back in those coordinates but not in a stack.  These particular pieces
do have the "does not stack" trait but they still go into at-start
stacks and decks normally when set up without updating the save file.

So at-start stacks that work as normal when I load up a blank scenario
fail to be stacked after running same save file through the Save File
updater.   It's not a big deal as I need to re-do all of my scenario
VSAVs for my module, anyway, for another reason, but I thought I'd bring
it up... pretty sure I haven't seen it reported before but I've been
wrong many times in the past.

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