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alemito speed.core at tin.it
Tue Nov 13 14:50:34 MST 2012

Hi all,

I discovered Vassal few days ago, I tried some games (Twilight Struggle
for instance) and I can say it's the best way to play online to board

It has a lot of functionalities: save (the most important one, you can't
find it in sites like Game Board Arena, BrettSpielWelt or Yucata) - play
by email - play p2p - play on a central server - play alone in hotseats
mode (ver very useful to learn a new game) - great graphics - some logic
in the modules (depends of course by the module developer).

The only drawback are still the reduced number of games, too much
oriented to "war games" ... I hope they'll grow up !!!

In a comparison with the cousing Zun Tzu game engine, there isn't any
chance for this one ... apart from a better graphics, surely it's worse
(no central server so it's difficult to find opponents, no play by
email, no play alone, no logic in the modules, only a sharing of the
screen ...)

Please, let me know your feelings.

Best regards,

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