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ijthompson ijordanthompson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 07:51:28 MST 2012

Thank you for the advice, Dr. N!

Unfortunately, it's not really working for me. Trait order doesn't seem
to take any effect - with the traits in either order, the sound still
plays whether or not the card is masked.

Then, the discarding issue: I confess I'm a little new to zones, but I
can seem to find a feature in zones that would allow me to say, "don't
have cards play their sound when they come in here" (or the reverse, and
have the discard pile _outside_ the zone). Is there a way?

At first I thought I could carve my board up into two boards (the main
board and a smaller board with the discard pile on it), then put them
seamlessly back together so the eye couldn't tell. Then have the main
board fire CTRL+P, and have the smaller, discard board NOT do so.
However, it seems like only _maps_ can fire commands at incoming pieces,
and not _boards_. Is this correct?

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