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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Tue Nov 20 06:21:26 MST 2012

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"Brent Easton" wrote:
> I have resolved the problems with using property names with - signs in
> them in BeanShellExpressions. Vassal should now correctly convert a
> reference to a property name X-Men to GetProperty("X-Men"). This will
> occur when using any property name that does not follow the Java
> Variable naming convention. Using the Insert functionality of the
> Expression Builder does this automatically, but developers typing in
> their own expressions will need to be aware of this.

Great news, Brent, thank you. Do I understand correctly and I should now
use GetProperty("X-Men_playing") wherever I was using just
$X-Men_playing$ before? What about $playerSide$_playing where
$playerSide$ resolves to X-Men?

Any chance you could expand your fix to empty spaces and (), i.e. round
brackets, in variable names? Thanks.

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