[messages] [Module Design] Keep track of placed Tiles

inSane insane666 at telenet.be
Thu Nov 22 10:41:40 MST 2012


A small step toward a solution:
Add a 'replace with other' followed by a 'clone' trait with the same
keyboard commands.
The defined replacement has an empty basic piece, then a layer trait
with the desired border as first level, a transparant image as second
level (otherwise the does not stack trait "doesn't work"), and a 'does
not stack' trait as last. The player has to invoke the border via
right-click menu, and a global key command invokes the second level of
the layer trait (=removes the highlight).

So 2 remaining questions: 
1 how to differentiate between players (so green gets the same
right-click option but puts a green border around the tile), 
2 can a global key command be invoked at the start of a turn? to
automatically remove the highlights of a player?


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