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inSane insane666 at telenet.be
Sat Nov 24 07:21:15 MST 2012


If it can help, my modulue is available at
http://users.telenet.be/helaba/[1] (work in progress & removed most of
it to reduce the filesize) (select an expansion first to get some tiles,
borders for a Black & a Green player are included)

I settle for the 3 rightclick options (place only 1 tile, place first of
2 & place second of 2)
Can this be done automatically? Black picks a nice spot to lay a tile,
right-clicks 'Place Tile', vassal puts a black border around the tile.
In case Black plays a second tile in his or her turn, picks a spot,
right-clicks 'Place Tile' and vassal puts a black border around this
tile with a '2' on it & changes the first border to a border with a '1'.
That's it. The black borders stay in place during playtime of Green (who
adds 1 or 2 Green borders), but should be removed when Black starts a
new turn.  


[1] http://users.telenet.be/helaba/

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