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inSane insane666 at telenet.be
Sat Nov 24 10:40:30 MST 2012


Almost solved, although not automated, but I'm ok with that :D 
So I made a seperate definition for every color, with the rightclick
options to add the correct border and make the tile immovable. The trick
was to add a restrict command to hide the 3 rightclick options for
everyone but the current player. I still don't understand why I cant use
playerSide|=Black for instance in the 'restrict when properties match'
field but have to use Who|=Black and add a 'calculated Property'

A Global Key Command "Start Turn Black" invokes the key command used in
the layer traits to reset the layers (actually remove my borders)

So my next question: What to fill in the 'matching properties' field to
exclude the use of this GKC to everyone but Black? How to implement my
calculated property detour on my highlight definition? (Afterwards I put
all those GKC's in a multi-action button)


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