[messages] [Developers] What needs t o be resolved before 3.2.0?

mroyer mroyer1 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 26 06:43:29 MST 2012

"mroyer" wrote:
> I still think there's a memory-leak problem in 3.2 related to
> unloading image tiles and with large modules eventually causes
> problems.

I think I've finally isolated this issue.

If I scroll around, zoom in and out, until the java.exe has consumed
it's entire heap allocation, then I set the zoom level to 100% or higher
(maybe this is related to the size of a tile vs the size of the visible
image?) and set the map window to straddle the boundary between two
large map images such that a portion of each map is visible, the tiles
never stop re-painting themselves causing the map image tiles to blink
and flash endlessly (and occasionally, after a while, throw an
exception/eek bug).  If I reduce the image size to less than 100% (75%
in my case) and/or move the window off the map boundary, the
flashing/blinking stops and the map repaints itself correctly and only
once (at least that I can see).

I can reproduce the blinking-symptom at will now that I know root

(The issue can probably be reproduced separately, but just in case I've
posted the module that I used to cause the issue here:
It's 83 MB, just FYI.  Run it in v3.2 and set up at least two of the six
map segments to reproduce the issue.)

-Mark R.

[1] https://dl.dropbox.com/u/24119799/WAA.zip

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