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inSane insane666 at telenet.be
Tue Nov 27 10:11:32 MST 2012

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I just found the correct matching property by using the expression
builder (insert constant > string puts "" around Black):
{PlayerSide=="Black"} never tried the " around Black myself.

So with 3 right-click options per player, it works :-)

(The automation  should reduce those 3 right click options to only 1:
Place Tile. When triggered the first time vassal puts the highlight-0 on
the tile, in case it's triggered a second time, vassal puts the
highlight-2 on the second tile & changes highlight-0 to highlight-1 on
the first tile. Don't put to much effort  in finding a solution for
this, I' m completly satisfied with the current solution) 

I updated my version for who's interested.


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