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dawg lobocoach at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 10:12:45 MST 2012

"DrNostromo" wrote:
> Without going into details, one method that comes to mind would be to
> create a temporary deck. Whenever a card is drawn from the deck, you
> would have a command sent to the deck to send all duplicate cards to
> the temporary deck. Once all the cards are drawn, you can have the
> cards in the temporary deck returned back to the original deck.

I'll try to explain better my project.
I'm working on a module called "Deck Builder" with a Main Map that have
1 empty deck inside.
Have created a "Cards" Game Piece Palette with 4 Scrollable Lists (one
for any tipe of card) and also 4 Prototype Definition.
In the Prototype Definition have put the Trait Return to Deck so the
player can right click the card from the scrollable list and send it to
the deck, when the deck is complete player can save it and then load it
in the Module for the game.

A Deck must have only one copy of a single card and more than 30 cards.
I would like to put a Message, visible by all players, that say "Deck
Player 1 - Ok" or "....not Ok" when player load it for play.

Thanks.....and sorry for my english   8)

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