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holyguano holyguano at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 06:42:40 MST 2012

I have done quite a bit with the module since I posted that version, and
i don't remember exactly what features that one had.  I will look at it
a bit and check into your issues.  When I find time I will post the
latest version which has Tales and Legends and Realms among other
I am not really familiar with too many vassal modules, and I haven't yet
looked back at that particular version but I will answer your questions
about this one the best that I can for now.
- I don't understand the need for a "finish turn button" since this is a
rather dumb module - It doesn't have checks to make sure that you are
playing correctly. It basically just lays out the board and all the
pieces that you would need to place on the board during a game.
Can you explain a little bit what that button would be for or do?

- As far as selecting the player slot, it should only let you choose a
player that is not already in the game. That is tied to your password
and your installed version of Vassal the way I understand it.  Whenever
you log into a game with your install of Vassal it will either ask what
player you want to be,_ not allowing for those that have already been
chosen in that game if you have loaded a save game file or a log file,_
or else or it will automatically place you as the player that you have
chosen previously with that install of Vassal. That is how it has always
worked for me with the few Vassal mods that i have used.

- I have placed no restrictions on what pieces can be moved by whom. I
never really thought about that. I think for the most part I would need
to leave it like it is since you move other people's pieces in a PBEM
game when you conquer a region and send one back to the tray and move
the others off board and such.
There is a retire button, which is just built in with Vassal,  which
allows you to log in as another player and then it seems if you save the
game as another player it will load it with you as that other player.

- And as for the score, I have fixed that somewhere along the line but
apparently it was in a later version than the one that is posted. PM me
your email and I will send you the latest mod. I will even play a PBEM
game with you if you like. It's hard to find a block of time to play
live, but maybe that too.
I have completely redone that entire tab and now you are restricted to
only hiding and unhiding your own score.

I hope I answered some of your questions.  I will have more time later
to play with the mod a little bit and see where that one was at. If you
have any other suggestions for things I could do with the mod feel free
to let me know about them. I always like to tinker with it, and
hopefully improve it.

And btw, you would be surprised at how intuitive Vassal is if you go
under the hood.  You would probably pick it up quick. :)

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