[messages] [General Discussion] 3.2.X and 3.1.19 compatibility

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Sep 5 02:31:36 MST 2012

Thus spake keethrax:
> Should logfiles form 3.2.x ( in this case 3.2.svn8313) be usable in
> 3.1.19?

No. Versions of VASSAL are backwards-compatible (meaning that they're
able to read files from older versions) but not always forwards-
compatible (meaning that they might not be able to read files from
newer versions) across major.minor versions.

So, for example, 3.1.x and 3.1.y should be interoperable, as they have
the same major and minor versions, differing only in the micro version.
In contrast, you will be able to read files from 3.1.x in 3.2.y, but
there is no guarantee you'll be able to read 3.2.y files in 3.1.x.

In practice, this means that all of the players in a game should be
using the same major and minor version of VASSAL, since everyone will
presumably be saving games.


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