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StarPit starpit64 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 15:01:18 MST 2012

Well, I deinstalled Vassal from my notebook and from my pc (incl.
preferences manually).
Then I downloaded Vassal 3.1.20 and installed it on my notebook and on
my pc with different playernames and different passwords.

I tried to start an online game using my notebook and my pc. PC started
with German side, notebook the Russian side.
Room was normally opened and I played some German moves on my pc. Could
see the moves on my notebook, too.
Could draw German cards normally using my pc.

Then I tried to draw Russian cards using the notebook... NOT possible!
I could not draw German cards on my notebook, too (which is normal).

Then I started a pbem with the pc.
I started the campaign scenario (haven`t played anything else before).

I could choose following sides: Visitor, Axis, Russians or Solitaire. I
chose the Axis side.
6 German cards drawn, discarded 2 cards. Played some moves. Saved this

When I loaded this file on my notebook I could not choose any side.
Starting to play with the Russian I can move units normally but I can
not draw any Russian cards! :-(

I can send my saved file if needed. Would like to meet online using
Vassal/Skype, too.
Hope NR-The Russian Front will run normally on my pc/notebook soon


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