[messages] [Developers] Java 1.5 Support?

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Wed Sep 5 15:13:08 MST 2012

Sorry Joel,
Here you go.

1. VASSAL.build.module.StartupGlobalKeyCommand
@override's at lines 74,85, 89 and 96 throw an error.

2. VASSAL.tools.BrowserSupport
java.awt.Desktop does not exist in 1.5.

3. VASSAL.tools.swing.EDTExecutorService
@overrides at lines 174 and 212

The @overrides are trivial and while the Desktop issue will not compile
under 1.5, it is not referenced if you are running 1.5, so the version
compiled in 1.6 will never throw an error!

Not such a big deal.

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