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Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Wed Sep 5 15:29:27 MST 2012

> I tried to start an online game using my notebook and my pc. PC
> started with German side, notebook the Russian side.

But that is not how you start an online game. One player start the game,
the other player does NOT start a game, but connects to the room and,
right-clicks on an existing player and selects 'Synchronize'. 

In Vassal version 3.2, this becomes a lot simpler because you
auto-synchronize with the first player in a room when you join it.

> Then I started a pbem with the pc.

I followed your procedure and this worked perfectly for me, I could draw
Russian cards no problem.  Here is exactly what I did, please compare
with what you are doing:

1. Loaded up the 1.4.1 NR module.
2. Started a new game using Scenarios -> Barbarossa/Campaign option
3. From Observer/Axis/Russian/Solitaire options, selected Axis
4. Opened the two hand windows, I can draw Axis cards but not soviet
5. Saved the game as NR-test.vlog using Save Game... menu option and
closed the game
6. Not having another PC handy, I now change my Vassal user name and
password to something different
7. Load up NR-test.vlog using Load Game... menu option
8. From the Observer/Russian/Solitaire options, Selected Russian.
9. Opened the two hand windows, I can draw Russian cards but not Axis

Can you try these exact steps on your PC? Then in step 6, copy
NR-test.vlog over to your notebook instead for steps 7-9.

Yes, please upload the saved game.


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