[messages] [Developers] Java 1.5 Support?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Sep 5 15:34:02 MST 2012

Thus spake Brent Easton:
> Sorry Joel,
> Here you go.
> 1. VASSAL.build.module.StartupGlobalKeyCommand
> @override's at lines 74,85, 89 and 96 throw an error.
> 2. VASSAL.tools.BrowserSupport
> java.awt.Desktop does not exist in 1.5.
> 3. VASSAL.tools.swing.EDTExecutorService
> @overrides at lines 174 and 212
> The @overrides are trivial and while the Desktop issue will not compile
> under 1.5, it is not referenced if you are running 1.5, so the version
> compiled in 1.6 will never throw an error!

I'll remove the overrides tomorrow.

The java.awt.Desktop issue is a funny one. There's one other place in
the code where we do some trickery to keep some classes from being
loaded---this is how the special Mac UI classes work. I can just do the
same thing with Desktop.



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