[messages] [Module Design] Two noob queries - Sounds on symbolic dice & range

KWM kaos_war_monk at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 5 21:14:25 MST 2012

Thanks for looking into it. 

I'm pretty sure what you're describing is what I've already done.  Maybe
I'm not explaining it right but in essence I do have the roll and sound
playing together when using a hotkey from the keyboard.  I was trying to
get the roll and sound playing when clicking the dice on the toolbar
with the mouse as well.  I think I've exhausted the possibilities on
achieving that so will let that lie.

I did find a work around by setting up a random layer on select game
piece.  Difference is the dice are now on the board.  I might go with
that, will see what my opponent prefers.

Is it possible to use a global key command on a game piece (or something
similar) to fire a hotkey on the toolbar?  So you click a game piece on
the board and it rolls the symbolic dice on the toolbar?  I couldn't
figure that out.

Thanks very much for taking the time to provide advice


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