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StarPit starpit64 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 14:36:24 MST 2012

Problem solved ... NOW NR RUNS FINE AGAIN! :-) :-)

Hi Brent, hi Marco,
Marco and I have tried many possibilities today to play our lovely NR
And finally we have found the error... better two errors.

I have always played the GERMAN version(s) of Vassal on my PC.

If you start the German version, there are three options:
- Neues Spiel offline starten (start a new game offline)
- Suche nach einem offline (!) Spiel (look for an offline (!) game)
- Lade gespeichertes Spiel (load a saved game)

The 2nd point never made sense to me, because I have never searched for
an OFFLINE game.
So I always started a OFFLINE game using option 01... then I activated
the online function in the game.
(So it would be nice if you would translate correctly: Suche nach einem
ONLINE Spiel).
This is the first error.

Well, but the MOST important point is that you cannot play NR with two
GERMAN versions of VASSAL correctly.
If you start my .sav file with the GERMAN version, you cannot draw any
Russian cards.
But if you start the same file with the ENGLISH version, all runs fine.

We have found this error by random when Marco started his Vassal version
WITHOUT changing the language to German today.
He always has used the ENGLISH version on his notebook before but we
have never talked about the language we use playing with Vassal. When
the problem occured for the first time, he played on another PC with the
GERMAN version installed.

I thought that the language would only change the vocabularies of the
VASSAL software but the language seems to control also other functions

Brent, it would be nice if you would check this.
HURRAY, NR runs again...!!!

If only ONE player runs the GERMAN version, all is fine. If BOTH players
use the GERMAN version, the 2nd player cannot draw any cards.


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