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zajuts149 zajuts149 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 03:54:25 MST 2012

No expert, but I've dabbled in modding some. Not familiar with making
extensions yet, but I have planned to learn eventually. I think there is
a tutorial somewhere. I add counters by making the image first.
Exporting all the images from the existing module with winrar or similar
programs gives a good base that you can play with. After you've made the
images you need for your counter, open the module with winrar to import
them. afterwards, open vassal to edit the module. The easiest way to
make a new counter is then to copy an existing counter that has the
characteristics you want, so you don't have to mess with prototypes on
your first try, and then exchange the images for that counter with the
ones you made. Remember to rename the counter too. Which module are you
looking at?

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