[messages] [Developers] Roadmap for VASSAL 4

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Sun Sep 9 23:32:55 MST 2012

> 1) "Rolling-release" like, that is implementing feature by feature
> then
> releasing that feature into main V4 when deemed stable enough 

This would be my choice, with the initial release being quite modest
e.g. to the level required to implement a relatively simple hex game
like Battle for Moscow. This will allow us to build a working framework
and implement and test various technologies before the project grows to
the size where changing a technology becomes too big problem.

Coming from a hex boardgame background, I chose Battle for Moscow as a
starter, but at the same time, we should build support for simple
versions of other typical game types, especially card games which are
not well support atm. 

As well as the structural design that is going on now, I would like to
see some thought to developing a list of game 'mechanisms', for want of
a better word, that must be supported. It is important that as we design
and build, these core 'mechanisms' must be supported. Things like piece
'ownership' and changing ownership (dealing etc.), information hiding
(masking, hidden). 

I guess, these are the 'behaviours' that Joel has mentioned. I don't
just mean a list of 'traits' as per Vassal, but a deeper understanding
and description of the underlying mechanisms. As the design develops, it
must support the core behaviours cleanly, or we are wasting our time.


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