[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Drag and drop is different

Brigz brigz at comcast.net
Thu Sep 13 10:50:37 MST 2012

Ever since I upgraded to Vassal 3.1.20 from 3.1.17 I've noticed a
difference with dragging and dropping counters. Used to be with 3.1.17
when I would drag a counter to another location I'd see a
semi-transparency of that counter until I released the mouse button. Now
with 3.1.20 when I drag a counter I see nothing; the counter is
invisible until I release the mouse button. Is this a new feature or is
my configuration wrong. I cetainly is a lot more helpful to see a
"ghost" image of the counter you are dragging. Is there some kind of
setting I've missed? I would like very much to see that semi-transparent
counter when I'm dragging it because it sure makes placement a lot

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