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shadowagl shadowbbs at 126.com
Thu Sep 13 18:41:11 MST 2012

"barbanera" wrote:
> You need Vassal 3.2.0 for this, then you use something like
> _GetProperty(CurrentPlayer+"Role")_. Don't remember if Report Actions
> take in-line expressions. If they don't, define a Calculated Property
> with that expression first and report that instead.

Thanks for replying!
I updated VASSAL to 3.2.0-beta1.
What is "in-line expression"?
Error message showed when using _GetProperty_, details below:
1.Add a Calculated Property trait, set _Property_ Name as "abc",
_Expresstion_ as "GetProperty(PlayerSide+"Role")"
2.Add a Text Label trait, set _Text_ as "$abc$"
The result was, the Text Label didn't show the Global Property
"Player1Role", and console said: - Bad Data in Module: Expression
evaluation error ActionCard-Calculated
Property[abc]={GetProperty(PlayerSide+"Role")}, Error=Method Invocation

I tried to find some guidelines of this new trait, but the help file
"D:\Program Files
(x86)\VASSAL-3.2.0-beta1\doc\ReferenceManual\ExpresstionBuilder.htm" is

Would you please show me a simple example how to use this powerful
function in VASSAL 3.2.0?

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