[messages] [Developers] Roadmap for VASSAL 4

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Sep 16 05:27:50 MST 2012

Thus spake JoelCFC25:
> > I would like to see some thought to developing a list of game
> > 'mechanisms', for want of a better word, that must be supported.
> Since you mentioned games with cards, and most of my module building
> time has been devoted to coming up ways to accomplish fairly ordinary
> card-related tasks that can only be done in VASSAL 3 with
> cringe-inducing rat's nests of triggers, STLs, GKCs, and so on...
> Here are some basic functions that should be available out-of-the-box:
>   * Dealing cards. The way I'm doing it is pretty hairy, especially for
> a game with 6 player sides!
>   * Discarding random cards (or items in general, from Player Hands or
> Private Windows).
>   * Giving a random card to another player
>   * Giving a specific card to another player (probably something you
> could enable/disable with a module-level preference depending on whether
> or not the game allows this
>   * Some way of doing "Take the top X cards from the deck, choose some
> number of them, return/discard the rest". This shouldn't require the
> player to actually pull all the cards into his hand first, it would need
> some sort of picker and send things to the right places according to the
> player choices.

These five all look to me like things which could be done by setting
the appropriate properties on the cards.

>   * More flexible player hand windows. Sometimes a game might benefit
> from being able to set up a non-standard layout, or always make sure new
> cards get added on the left or right, etc. I don't have fully-formed
> ideas on this, but suspect the current way is a constraint on some
> games.

For this one, it's less clear to me where the separation is between
what the game requires formally and what's presentation.


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