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Tue Sep 18 18:15:48 MST 2012

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Sorry, I tried to be exhaustive with the pertinent info and slipped up.
On the Windows 7 box I have 64-bit Java 1.6 update 35 installed, that's
what I meant by current (I've seen enough in other threads to dissuade
me from using Java 7). 

Each power's VP total is already maintained in a Global Property. The
sequence of events is as follows: 

1. Drag an SCM to or from the main map and the key command applying to
all units ending movement on map is received
2. This executes one of two triggers based on the property match (if the
OldBoard was the Power Cards or the Main Map)
3. Trigger sends a GKC to the power's VP marker
4. VP marker does a Set Global Property to increment/decrement the VP
Global Property by the correct amount
5. VP marker executes a Send to Location to move itself to the new
correct location on the track

I haven't ever tried moving 2 or more SCMs simultaneously, as that
should never occur in the game.

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