[messages] [Module Design] Screen moving/focusing on last moved piece.

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Sep 20 01:16:24 MST 2012

Thus spake reddeblu:
> As is said in the subject, that feature where the screen shifts towards
> the last piece moved, usually by an opponent. Is there a way to disable
> this?
> In my module, I use a lot of invisible pieces with the intent of being
> unknown, of all things. More importantly to conceal their location on
> the board, however these invisible pieces have to move.
> This is where I discovered a glaring problem; my board is pretty big,
> and when an invisible piece owned by an opponent moves, every players
> screen moves to their general location, almost as if saying hey here I
> am! It completely undermines the concept of the game, and the use of the
> invisible trait.
> The only way I can think of to counter this is either make the board
> much smaller, or zoom the game out and lock it there. However zoomed out
> has its own host of problems, such as making it very difficult to see
> important information on pieces. Although yes there is that whole "mouse
> over piece to get a bigger view" thing, but my module is designed for
> convenience, allowing players to see the state of many of their pieces
> at a glance, without the need to stop and individually check each and
> every last one of them (there are a lot of pieces).
> So, yeah, can the screen panning to the last moved piece be disabled? Or
> perhaps, is there another way of doing this without sacrificing zoomage
> or board size?
> In case It matters I'm running vassal 3.1.20

Look at Global Options in the Editor. Change the setting for "Center on
opponent's moves".


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