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Yeah that report was just for testing although I did think it is a nice summary 
for everyone to see when score changes, what the score is and they may not have 
VP window open :) You could probably spruce it up accordingly of course...

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Sweet. This looks *awfully* close to working. I did one get doubled
message at one point: 
* England score: 2 VP
* England score: 2 VP
* Testing: Ottoman = 2, Spain = 0, England = 2, France = 4, HRE = 4,
Protestant = 0

...but crucially, it was only the report, not an incorrect doubled
increase of the score. I still want to put back in the ability to set a
player's score by drag-and-drop of the VP marker (in case it gets off
somehow), but that'll be easy to add back in. I'll extend this method to
all the bonus VP pieces and it should be all set. Thanks a million for
the help!

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